The NPSNM currently has eight chapters (including one from Texas) that work to promote the objectives of the organization and educate the local population so they might better understand their regional flora through field trips, lectures, plant sales and seed exchanges. The talents, interests and skills of chapter members greatly influence the activities and programs offered.

Many chapters schedule activities during the year and visitors are always welcome.

For information on floristic or taxonomic research being done in the state, visit Kelly Allred’s website (NMSU) that includes The New Mexico Botanist Newsletter.

Plant Collecting and Gathering Useful Data for Donating to our State’s Herbaria

  • Collecting Plants, Here is a pdf handout to help get you started. Compiled by Bob Sivinski.
  • Using GPS coordinates MapTools (an informative website)

Lab Manual to the Flora of NM (please note, this file is an 18MB pdf)
Synoptic table of vascular plants
Chart of fruit types (pdf, goes with the synoptic table of vascular plants)
Tribes of the Asteraceae
New Mexico Genera for the Tribes of the Aster Family

On-line references and photos for plant identification

Vascular Plants of the Gila Wilderness (Photographs)

Monocots versus Dicots: The Two Classes of Flowering Plants