Fall 2018 Student Grants in Botany

The Otero Chapter of the Native Plant Society of New Mexico supports projects involved with the native plants of our state through a grant to university students in the botanical or natural resources fields at New Mexico State University and New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology.  This year we have $2,000 available and the grant(s) may be awarded to one applicant or split among several applicants.

Download the Grant Application & Guidelines: Otero Grants_2018

Requirements:  The project must focus on plants native to the Chihuahuan Desert and mountain ranges within southern New Mexico, such as, but not limited to the following:  effects of invasive or non-native plants on native plant communities; environmental factors affecting native plants, such as drought, native pollinators, or effects of climate change on native plants and/or ecosystems; restoration ecology; and conservation biology.

Grant recipients will be required to make a presentation in Alamogordo to the Otero Chapter of the Native Plant Society of New Mexico on their research and to provide a written report summarizing their work and findings at the conclusion of their research or degree program.

Grant proposals due: 5pm, Monday, November 19, 2018

E-mail application packet, as a PDF file, to: Jen Gruger at jengruger@gmail.com

Proposals will be accepted only from students in their junior, senior or graduate level studies at New Mexico State University or New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology, and applications should include elements listed in the application outline, which can be downloaded here.

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