Cuba Badlands: Mesa Penistaja Mesa Field Trip

This fieldtrip will be led by Lenore Goodell. Mesa Penistaja BLM badlands is a Nacimento Formation about 20 miles west of Cuba.

From Bernalillo (meeting at the northwest corner of the Home Depot parking lot on 550 north of town) the drive is about 1 hour to Cuba and another 45 minutes to start point.

There will be a map available showing the route beyond Cuba. The easy hike may be approximately 2 mi. northeast along a sandy wash flanked by bentonite hill formation. Thence, northwest along the lower slopes of the mesa where Delphinium scaposum may be found if timing is right. Expect to find some 35 flowering species scattered throughout the subtle landscape. We may hike up an eroded old jeep trail to a ledge of the mesa for additional exploration. Bring water, lunch and sunscreen. Return to Bernalillo 3:30-4:00 pm.