Distillation workshop with Wendy Whiteman

This is a hands-on opportunity to learn about the Big Sagebrush or Artemisia tridentata plant that covers a vast area of Northern New Mexico.

There will be a lecture and participation in a steam-distillation of fresh harvested Artemisia tridentata which will yield both the essential oil of this plant and a hydrosol. As the distillation process takes place, Wendy will talk about the plants physical characteristics, signatures, herbal uses, local folklore, and history.  Participants will be able to take home small samples of the essential oil and the hydrosol. Instructions on how to use the oil and hydrosol will be included in the lecture. Fee: $8.00 each

Limited to 10, reservation required, bring a chair.

Contact Jan Martenson 575-751-0511 or taosnps@gmail.com.