Southwest Seed Partnership Stakeholder Meeting

Landscape restoration could be more successful with a reliable and diverse supply of regionally appropriate native seed. Despite growing demand, it is not easy to find locally adapted native seed in the Southwest. Farmers require coordinated guidance from the restoration community to know what seed will be the most marketable, and land managers need to know what is possible through commercial production. The SWSP is a bridge between restoration practitioners and native seed farmers in the region.

This is the kick-off meeting for the SWSP and an opportunity to:

• Be part of a unique collaboration between diverse stakeholders working together to improve the supply of native seed for NM & AZ.

• Learn what is involved with native seed production and what native seed buyers want for their projects.

• Get a progress update by the SWSP and hear about other successful native seed partnerships.

• Help make decisions about seed collection, production, & research goals and shape the SWSP moving forward.