We miss you, and we all miss our meetings! But…

We have added new presentation videos as NPSNM chapters continue with online meetings while state restrictions on groups remain in place. Newest additions play from YouTube, so there is no need to know Zoom procedures or controls for you to enjoy playback. Most have now been edited to remove extraneous business.

If you cannot hear the presentation, make sure your computer’s volume control is turned up.

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The videos are most enjoyable when viewed in full-screen mode. Click on the little box symbol in the lower right of the YouTube playback window. The main feature will fill your screen so that ads and other things disappear. 

Recent presentations now available:

(Some presentations will disappear and be replaced by more recent ones as time goes on. Please report any dead links by sending an email to ask.npsnm”at”gmail.com.)

“Insects in Decline” with Anna Walker of the Albuquerque Biopark. Is it real? Why is it a problem? What can be done? https://youtu.be/_7pTQ6f6qaE

“Forest Changes in Northern New Mexico Mountains: Past, Present, & Climate-Driven Future,” with Craig Allen, USGS researcher. 40 years of research told in a way that will keep you fascinated as well as concerned. https://youtu.be/qi1EXYh_URw


“Milkweed Restaurants along the Rio Grande” Naturalist/Photographer/Bicyclist Jim Von Loh (Las Cruces chapter) brings us face to face with a menagerie that dwells in the milkweed habitat along the Rio in southern New Mexico. Astonishing photos! https://youtu.be/SNBg1KvFSUc


“Tijeras Creek Remediation Project” with Jim Brooks, founder and president of Soilutions. Short-sighted development deprived an important watershed of precious rainwater. Here Jim describes the array of effective methods that are putting a wasted resource to good use, reconnecting a stream with the floodplain, and restoring the native vegetative community. https://youtu.be/KiQtTX5Vl_E


Oldies but goodies:

Las Cruces Chapter (April, 2020): “Designing a botanic garden for research and aesthetics,” with Rachel Gioannini, Assistant Professor at NMSU, experienced in both design and horticulture.  https://youtu.be/-kqKlC10ICI

Taos (June)Chapter: “Best Wildflower Hikes New Mexico,” with Christina Selby. https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/7vYuE-_y7mBIZtLCz2zndfdxOI65X6a80Ccc_KcKnU84K_bu95IB5eNtKORutwR4   Use password 6g^^My6t when requested. (Note: this presentation was first featured by the Santa Fe chapter.)

Las Cruces Chapter (May): “Natives vs. Exotics: Reducing non-native plant species in urban landscapes of Southern New Mexico.” With Trystan Harpold. https://youtu.be/SUAxW_i24Ug

Gila Chapter: “Lichens for Beginners,” by Russ Kleinman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOXLrGAERxU&feature=youtu.be

Gila Chapter: Russ Kleinman’s Virtual Urban Field trip. Telling weeds from native wildflowers around Silver City. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8NbCZIufiY&list=PLOUh0ZlyGaM2ILzHW7tUBmUO33dXEMC_7

Gila Chapter: Don Graves narrates wildflower walks along Meadow Creek.

Lower Meadow Creek Trail: https://youtu.be/FYj-b0BEZdg

Upper Meadow Creek Trail: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nF9CiPBnXpc&feature=youtu.be