Grant Reports 2020

Auburn University: Allium Pollinators

Christina Selby: Pecos Sunflower Storytelling Project

NMSU Department of Animal and Range Sciences: Seed Testing for Priority Chihuahuan Desert Restoration Species

Taos County Cooperative Weed Management Area: Invasive Species Educational Coloring Book

Taos Land Trust: Native Plant Propagation Project

Upper Gila Watershed Alliance: Tamarisk Eradication

Grant Reports 2016

NM Carex Project Norris 2016

Blue Hole Cienega Nature Preserve Environmental Education Program. LeJeune 2016

Is Species Identity or Source Climate a Better Predictor of Seed Germination. Seglias 2016

Gene Dispersal Across Gypsum Outcrops. Lewis 2016

Native Plant Curriculum for NM. Institute for Applied Ecology 2016

Status of Sunflower Pollinators in Southwest. Cumberland 2016

Evolution and Systematics of Oenothera Cooper 2016

Physiology of Gypsophile Lineages of the Chihuahuan Desert NM. Muller 2016

Desert Stories. Asombro Institute for Science Education 2016

Grant Reports 2012

Link to Parkview Elementary School Grant Report from Jennifer Keller 2012

Link to Desertification and Restoration: Teaching Students with a Real Conservation Project, Bestelmeyer Asombro Institute 2012

Link to Utilizing Native Plants to Detoxify Contaminated Stormwater, 2012

Grant Reports 2011

Link to Diversification in Western North American Mertensia, Nazaire 2011

Link to Dichotomous Keys for Sedges in the genus Carex, Norris 2011

Link to Marth Becktell's letter from the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center (PDF) and their Grant Report (PDF)

Link to Herbarium UTEP , Worthington 2011

Link to Photographic report on donation from Ken Heil, San Juan College in Farmington (PDF) and text of the report.

Link to Restoring Native Riparian Plants at Broad Canyon Ranch, Cary 2011

Link to Upper Gila Watershed 2011