Teacher Science Award 2020

This award recognizes grade 6-12 science teachers who incorporate teaching about plants,  plant ecology or native plants in effective and inspiring ways. A one-time award of $500 will be granted to the teacher.  Additionally teachers will receive a free copy of Jack Carter’s book, Trees and Shrubs of New Mexico, and grade 8-12 teachers may also request a complimentary copy of From Ponderosa to Prickly Pear, the NM native plants curriculum developed by the Institute for Applied Ecology. Anyone can nominate a teacher whose work is outstanding, and teachers can nominate themselves.

The award is for teaching that has been done in the recent past, and applying is not for proposed work. Please note that the last few questions are more extensive and require more thought. Before beginning this form, take a look at those questions and if you feel you need more time to respond, come back when you are ready.

You may also answer the last few questions in a separate document and attach the file before filling out the remaining information.  Attach no more than two additional pages please. Otherwise, simply enter answers in the provided boxes. 

Responses are due by December 31st, 2019

2020 Science Teacher Award
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Please provide exact name of individual (awardee) to which the award check must be payable.

Please provide a brief response to the questions below. If you need more time to formulate your responses, feel free to complete these questions in a separate document and attach to this form.