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Scheduled Events for 2017

All monthly meetings are usually the first Wednesday of every month at 7 pm in the multi-purpose room of the Museum of Natural History, 1801 Mountain Road NW. For more information on programs, contact Jim McGrath at 286-8745 or  Meeting places for field trips (codes A through H) are described in detail at the end of the schedule.  Field trip and field forum participants should bring water, hat, sunscreen, snacks or lunch, rain gear and appropriate clothing to deal with poor weather conditions.

Some field trips may be announced with only 1 week to a month notice and will appear in this listing as promptly as possible.  Spring field trips depend upon good winter and spring precipitation; therefore, such field trips may be scheduled when we know wildflowers will be present.

Please be aware that all field trip participants must sign the NPSNM liability release form before departure. Leaders should have forms available onsite for those who have not signed one previously this year. The number of participants on field trips is limited, and preference is given to members. Nonmembers should not show up for field trips unless they have attended the previous chapter meeting to learn details and for possible registration.

January 4Meeting. Designing Shared Habitat. Landscape designer and author, Judith Phillips presents a “warm-up” for our chapter’s Habitat Landscape Workshop (to be held February 10-11th). Nature is orderly and beautiful unless uncommon disturbance upsets balances and triggers adaptive change to recover an equilibrium. Design to create habitat adapts natural patterns that depend upon topography, exposure, available moisture and use of the site to accommodate present and potential inhabitants from insects to humans. This talk is a virtual tour of beautiful landscapes describing design options based on the site conditions and the desires of homeowners.

February 1. Meeting. Flora of the Ladder Ranch. UNM Biology graduate student Matt Gautreaux describes his Master’s degree project identifying and cataloging the floral diversity on this sprawling ranch just east of the Black Range north of Hillsboro, NM.

February 10-11. Pollinator Habitat Design Workshop. 6-9 pm, Friday evening; 9 am-4 pm, Saturday. $55 per person. UNM Continuing Education Conference Center, Albuquerque. See details elsewhere in the NPSNM website.

March 1. Meeting. Adios Ojos y Ciénegas: Our Endangered Desert Wetlands. Bob Sivinski, Curatorial Associate of the UNM Herbarium and botanical consultant, describes his searches for rare and unusual plants in arid land spring ciénegas. Ciénegas are medium to low elevation wet meadows and marshes created by stable springs (ojos) in arid regions. Several southwestern plant species are confined to these habitats.

April 5. Meeting. The Yerba Mansa Project: Community-Driven Native Plant Restoration in the Bosque.  Herbalist, landscape geographer, and native plant conservationist Dara Saville tells us about this all-volunteer project to restore native plant communities in the bosque and at the same time provide educational outreach. The project fosters fruitful community partnerships and creates an environment whereby citizens develop a greater appreciation of Albuquerque’s most treasured resource – the river and its associated riparian forest.

May 3. Meeting. Eriogonun and Penstemon: Two Genera with Eye-catching Wildflowers and Numerous New Mexico Species.   Bob Pennington, owner / manager of the Agua Fria Nursery in Santa Fe, guides us on a photographic tour of wildflowers from these two genera. New Mexico is home to at least 43 species of each genussome fairly common and widespread, while others are restricted to very narrow habitats. Their unique characteristics make them very diverse subjects both in the wild, and at home in our gardens.

June 7. Meeting. The Lizards of New Mexico.  BLM Botanist Patrick Alexander wanted to be a herpetologist when he grew up, but took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up being a botanist instead. He’ll take a break from his botanical passions to introduce you to some of his non-photosynthetic friends. He’ll talk about what lizards are, the families of lizards in New Mexico, and some of our more common or particularly photogenic lizards.



A. SE corner of Smith’s parking lot at Tramway and Central.

B. NE corner of Wal-Mart parking lot on the east side of Coors about 0.25 miles north of I-40.

C. Albertson’s parking lot at Tramway and Academy. Park along east wall.

D. Far North Shopping Center at San Mateo and Academy. Park near Wienerschnitzel.

E. Placitas. Parking lot of grocery store in Homesteads Village Shopping Center. Directions: I-25 north from ABQ to exit 242 (second exit at Bernalillo).  Turn right and go east on Hwy 165 for about 5 miles to shopping center in Placitas on left.  To car pool to Placitas, meet at D.

F. Michael Emery Trailhead Parking Lot. Go east to the end of Spain Road (east of Tramway). At “T” intersection turn right and go 0.1 mile and turn left into parking lot.

G. Saver’s parking lot on Carlisle on NE side of Carlisle/Menaul intersection. Park behind Mattress Firm in SW corner of lot.

H. Los Lunas. SW corner of Home Depot parking lot by the tool sheds.  Directions: From ABQ drive south on I-25 to Exit 203.  Head east through 2 traffic lights.  Home Depot is on left.

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