Chapters of the Native Plant Society of New Mexico put on great workshops from time to time. The one described below was an enticing example. If you were not able to attend, you may want to request or propose something similar with your local Native Plant Society Chapter on this or other subjects oriented to native plants. Find contacts under our dropdown menu for Chapters.

The most recent workshop was offered by the Gila Native Plant Society (chapter of NPSNM), repeated by popular demand!

Landscaping with Native Plants

During the month of February, 2021.  This four-part course utilized Western New Mexico University’s online teaching platform, Canvas. It included a copy of the Beginner's Guide to Planting Native Perennials of the Gila Region. Participants were able to access the four modules at any times convenient to them.

Currently, all workshops and courses are online, and we are...

not the only ones presenting information about the use of native plants for conservation, beauty, and to benefit wildlife. When we have nothing scheduled, we suggest you look into other sources of courses and webinars, such as the Xerces Society or the Cooperative Extension Service.

A source of great printed information on creating a backyard refuge (largely by growing native plants) is the Friends of Valle do Oro National Wildlife Refuge, our partners in this effort.