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This Conservation section serves to supply members and others with information on issues pertaining to the conservation of native plants and habitats on public and private lands in New Mexico and beyond. Entries in green below are clickable links.


Climate Change -- a menace AND an opportunity!

The news of large-scale fires in the Amazon rainforest adds a greater sense of urgency to the need to sequester carbon and combat climate change. Fortunately, there's a scientifically proven way to address these intertwined issues: Plant native trees! Read the whole story HERE.



You can help protect New Mexico's flora by contributing to The Jack and Martha Carter Conservation Fund. We are a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization.


Conservation issues in your area? Contact NPSNM Conservation Committee Chair, Rachel Jankowitz. Email  npsnmconservation "at" gmail "dot" com

Conservation sites/databases

  • Center for Plant Conservation
  • The SEINet data portal was created to serve as a gateway to distributed data resources of interest to the environmental research community within Arizona and New Mexico. It offers tools to locate, access and work with a variety of data, including species descriptions, maps, illustrations, herbarium collections and specimen records. And guess the plant of the day!
  • New Mexico Rare Plants  overview. The New Mexico Rare Plant Technical Council's (NMRPTC) primary goal is to develop an internet version of a rare plant inventory with information on the basic biology and conservation status of New Mexico's approximately 190 rare plants. Photographs, drawings, and  maps accompany the written reports. The reports exclude sensitive information, such as detailed location data, which might further endanger rare species.
  • The National Biological Information Infrastructure (NBII)  Invasive Species Information Node
  • Troublesome Weeds of New Mexico From NMSU and NM Department of Agriculture. This booklet downloads in a large format and may be easier to read and navigate on your screen if you "zoom out."
  • Native Plant Conservation Campaign  An alliance of native plant societies, including NPSNM, with the mission to promote the conservation of native plants and their habitats through collaboration, education, and advocacy. Sign up for the NPCC native plant conservation news right here.
  • USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service's "Conservation Showcase"

Articles and press releases

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