Welcome to the Otero (Alamogordo) Chapter

Please note: the annual native plant sale, usually in spring, and listed as 4/22 in the newsletter, has been postponed till fall.

For workshop and field trip details, contact:
- Elva Osterreich, echoofthedesert [at] gmail [dot] com, (575) 443-4408
- Jennifer Gruger, jengruger [at] gmail [dot] com, (505) 710-2924
- Russell Davisotero.native.plant.society.events [at] gmail [dot] com
More information will be available by the beginning of each month. Nonmembers are always welcome to attend.

Chapter Officers

President: Jen Gruger

Vice President: Russell Davis

Treasurer: Karen LeComte

Recording Secretary: Kerry Coleman

Membership Secretary: Kathy Fuller

State Representative: Elva Osterreich

For field trip information, contact Elva Osterreich, echoofthedesert [at] gmail.com, 575/443-4408; or Jennifer Gruger, jengruger [at] gmail.com, 505/710-2924. More info will be available by the beginning of each month.

Banner Photo by Russell Davis