Welcome to the Gila (Silver City) Chapter

The Gila Native Plant Society is committed to promoting education, research, and appreciation of the native flora of the Southwest; encouraging the preservation of rare and endangered plant species; and supporting the use of suitable native plants in landscaping.

Because of current NM state restrictions to limit the spread of Covid-19, in-person NPSNM chapter meetings are not yet planned. Some chapters may schedule field trips with numbers limited according to health department guidelines, with appropriate personal distancing and wearing of face masks being mandatory when in closer proximity even outdoors.

The Gila Chapter is presenting online Zoom meetings. If you are interested in joining any future one, please send a request for a link to gilanative@gmail.com.

The way Zoom works is that you get an email invitation with the link to the meeting (and directions). When the time comes closer we will be sending an invitation to all Gila Native Plant Society members who have favored us with their emails. Anyone else who is interested may email us at gilanative@gmail.com and request an invitation.

Click on future events and offerings listed on the right for additional information.

For more information on our programs, events, publications and the newsletter ("Bulletin") please visit www.gilanps.org.

Meetings ordinarily are third Fridays October-May at 7 p.m. in WNMU’s Harlan Hall, Room 219, with refreshments following the program.

All programs are free and open to the public. Ordinarily, the Gila chapter conducts field trips on the third Sunday of each month from April to September. Each field trip will be to a different location in order to explore the diversity of our native plants. Field trips are free and open to the public. Meet at 8:00 am in the south parking lot of the WNMU Fine Arts Center Theatre for carpooling.


Photo: Silver City Botanical Garden by Elroy Limmer

Upcoming Gila Events

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Chapter Officers

President: Donald Graves

Vice President: To be determined

Treasurer: Wendy Graves

Secretary: Betty Spence

Membership: Joan Limmer

Past President: Elroy Limmer

Field Trip Chair: To be determined

Member Communications: Betty Spence

Publicity Coordinator: Betty Spence

Education Committee Chair: Jeff Boyd

Conservation Chair: To be appointed

State Board Representative: Keller Suberkropp

Chapter Bulletin: Elizabeth Kaido

Plant Sale: Keller Suberkropp

Book Sales: Ron Groves

Video Host: Chimpers

Annual Reports

2020 Chapter Report (PDF)

2019 Chapter Report (PDF)

2018 Chapter Report (PDF)

2017 Chapter Report (PDF)

2016 Chapter Report (PDF)

2015 Chapter Report (PDF)

2014 Chapter Report (PDF)

2013 Chapter Report (PDF)

2012 Chapter Report (PDF)

2011 Chapter Report (PDF)

Banner photo by Randal Pair; small inset photos courtesy of the WNMU Dale A. Zimmerman Herbarium.