The Native Plant Society of New Mexico supports communities throughout the state working on projects that further education, restoration, and conservation of native plants.  We do this through NPSNM awarded grants and donations supported by the Carter Conservation Fund, as well as through grants provided by certain of our chapters.  To learn more read explore the links below:

Grants and donations are usually limited to a maximum of $1500 with possible exceptions for proposals that especially serve our mission. Applicants are encouraged to combine our grants with additional funding from other partners if needed to strengthen the basis of their project. Acceptance of your proposal by the Native Plant Society of New Mexico can demonstrate the worthiness of you and your project to other funding groups or foundations.

Applications for grants and donations are due on December 31st to receive support for the following year, usually disbursed in the first week of February.


The Native Plant Society of New Mexico is a non-profit organization that strives to educate the public about native plants by promoting knowledge of plant identification, ecology, and uses; fostering plant conservation and the preservation of natural habitats; supporting botanical research; and encouraging the appropriate use of native plants to conserve water, land, and wildlife.


Would you like a little help getting your conservation or restoration project off the ground? Do you need matching funds for a grant or donation that requires that? Do you teach students about plant ecology, or have a botanical research study underway and need money for materials, transportation, or equipment? If you are engaged in a project that aligns with our mission, consider applying for a grant.

Examples of Past Grant Topics awarded $600 t0 $1500:

  • The removal of tamarisk trees from the Gila River within the wilderness area
  • Eradication of exotic ravenna grass from an area of the Rio Grand Bosque by community volunteers
  • Habitat restoration at the New Mexico Wildlife Center using volunteers from Master Gardeners
  • Giving hands-on, multi-skilled experience to elementary school children as they learn about the yucca and its life cycle
  • Training and employing Pueblo youth in the recognition, collection and processing of native plant seeds in support of the National Seed Strategy
  • Repeating a 1970s field study of bees pollinating wild sunflowers in order to document changes in bee species composition in the same areas over time
  • Creating an outdoor learning activity for children and families to learn about Chihuahuan Desert plant life

One Year Grants - Successful grant winners are required to submit a written report (template provided) due by January 10 of the following year. The report should describe how the funds were used and be sent to: cartergrantapps"at" Subject line: Project Report

Multi-year Grants - Projects spanning more than one year can only be funded a year at a time. A progress report and a new application by the end of the funded year will be considered for a new round of support.

 We also appreciate your sharing your project results with our membership in some way:

  • A poster describing the project, to be displayed at the NPSNM annual conference
  • A short article (600 to 1000 words) for publication in the NPSNM quarterly newsletter. Please submit these articles to cartergrantapps"at" Subject line: Attention Newsletter Editor
  • A presentation about your project at a Native Plant Society chapter meeting
  • Furnish a copy or link to an informative publication in a journal or website the results from the project funded by NPSNM. (Please acknowledge our support in any published article.)

Download guidelines for applying for a grant: Application Guidelines

Please read the guidelines before applying. Then

Download a Grant Application template: NPSNM Grant Application


Donations are given to non-profit organizations to support on-going work that meets the objectives and goals of the Native Plant Society. For example, the NPSNM gives annual donations to the five academic herbaria in the region: University of Texas at El Paso; University of New Mexico; Western New Mexico University; San Juan College; and New Mexico State University. The University of New Mexico (UNM) Herbarium applies that money towards its goals of georeferencing (mapping) the specimen label information, with the expertise of New Mexico Natural Heritage (NMNH) to make the information available to the scientific community and the general public.

(Donation Guidelines and Application coming soon for 2021)

Applicants receiving a donation are required to submit a report to the Society along with a short article (limited to 1000 words) for the NPSNM Newsletter describing how the funds were used within the structure of their organization. Please submit these articles to cartergrantapps"at" Subject line: Attention Newsletter Editor