The Jack & Martha Carter Conservation Fund is a means of protecting our small part of planet Earth for future generations.

Jack and Martha Carter

The Jack & Martha Carter Conservation Fund allows the Native Plant Society of New Mexico (NPSNM) to award research and educational grants and donations to individuals and organizations in support of NPSNM goals. The NPSNM holds the potential, though education and research, to make a difference in conserving critical habitat and reducing basic threats to the flora of the Southwest. We encourage you to become a part of this important effort to protect New Mexico’s natural history.

Due to your generous support over the years, we have been able fund a wide variety of projects that support our goals. CLICK HERE to see the full list of grants and reports.

Donate by mail with the The Jack & Martha Carter Conservation Fund Donation Form.  Print, fill out and mail in this PDF.

OR you can donate online here:

For memorial donations, after filling in the donation amount and choosing the method of payment on the Paypal form, you will find a place to add special instructions. Please name the person whose memory is being honored.