Current NPSNM Newsletter and Archives


Newsletters are published quarterly by the Native Plant Society of New Mexico. Views expressed are the opinions of the individual authors and not necessarily those of NPSNM. Here are our newsletters for the past few years.

We would love to hear your comments about our newsletter. Even better, would you like to contribute news, an article, pertinent book review, or high quality photos of New Mexico native plants? Our editor is waiting to hear from you at:

npsnmnewsletter "at"

(The content submission deadline for the April 1 issue is February 25, 2022)

Please note that some of the current issue is devoted to our election of officers, and the correction here of an error that was in the printed version received by members. Don and Wendy Graves (not "Tom Graves") are running for the presidency. Please cast a vote before November 1 in support of the volunteers who are devoting their time to managing this great organization.