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More information on each of these rare plants can be found on the NM Rare Plant website:


 Anticlea mogollonensis
Mogollon Death Camas

The Mogollon death cama is a perennial herb in the lily family. It is a narrow endemic of the Gila National Forest, where it is limited to growing in the understory of montane and subalpine conifer forests above 8,700 feet. This rare plant faces an uncertain future in the Gila Wilderness of the southwestern New Mexico. The vast majority of its habitat and all the known populations of this lovely plant were destroyed in the Whitewater-Baldy fire, which burned nearly 300,000 acres in 2012.


Argemone pinnatisecta
Sacramento Prickly Poppy

The Sacramento prickly poppy is a perennial herb in the poppy family. It only occurs in a few canyons along the western slopes of the Sacramento Mountains in New Mexico, at elevations between 4,200 and 7,100 feet. Although tolerant of some disturbance, it is threatened with extinction from road maintenance, water development projects, grazing, and climate change. It is protected by state and federal endangered species laws.


Calochortus gunnisonii var. perpulcher
Pecos Mariposa Lily

The Pecos mariposa lily is a perennial herb in the lily family. It is only known from a few sites in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in New Mexico, where it grows in aspen glades and meadows above 9,500 feet. It is distinguished from other mariposa lilies by its pale yellow petals.


Ipomopsis sancti-spiritus
Holy Ghost Ipomopsis

The Holy Ghost ipomopsis is the rarest and most endangered native plant in New Mexico. This extremely rare plant is only known from one site in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of the Santa Fe National Forest – nowhere else in the world! It generally grows on relatively dry, steep, disturbed, west to southwest-facing slopes in open ponderosa pine or mixed conifer forest between 7,730 and 8,220 feet. It is federally and state-listed as endangered due to its small population size and threats to its environment, including road maintenance, recreational activities, and the potential impacts of wildfires.


Helianthus paradoxus
Pecos Sunflower

Pecos sunflower is an annual herb in the daisy family. It is only known to occur in a few alkaline wetlands and cienegas, primarily in New Mexico and one location in adjacent Texas. Pecos sunflowers are threatened with extinction due to habitat modification and destruction. It is protected by state and federal endangered species laws.