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The Native Plant Society of New Mexico (NPSNM) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the conservation of the native flora of New Mexico. The Society, and its local chapters, work to educate its members and promote the the conservation of our native flora so that future generations may enjoy our valuable resource. Membership is open to any interested person, family or group. Members include a wide range of individuals from interested amateurs to professionals in botany, ecology and forestry.

Membership Benefits

In addition to the rewards of contributing to the conservation of New Mexico’s native flora, members benefit from regional chapter meetings, field trips, an annual meeting and four issues of the Newsletter each year. Some chapters also hold plant sales, annual seed exchanges and offer discounts on a variety of books providing information on native plant identification and gardening with native plants in New Mexico.

Additional benefits to members include discounts on New Mexico Wildflower and Cactus posters.