The Native Plant Society of New Mexico (NPSNM) is the only non-profit organization dedicated primarily to the conservation, appreciation, and understanding of the native flora of New Mexico — the support of all our wildlife, the foundation of our “enchanting” natural habitats, and a cornerstone of our history and traditional cultures.

The Society and its local chapters work to educate its members and the public, and allow them to experience the wonder and importance of our native flora so that future generations may enjoy it. Membership is open to any interested person, family or group. We have a wide range of interests and include everyone from amateurs to professionals in botany, forestry, gardening, landscaping, photography, birding, herbalism, and hiking, to name a few. Come and find kindred spirits!

Membership Benefits

There is strength in numbers and we greatly value every new and continuing member. Membership in NPSNM is not a product one buys but a gift you can offer to the environment, to the community and to the future. Your dues allow us to provide educational presentations and experiences freely to the public, to watch and advise government land management agencies, and to promote the use of native plants in the garden and in support of pollinators, birds and other wildlife..

In addition to the satisfaction of contributing to the conservation of New Mexico’s native flora, members benefit from local chapter events, field trips, an annual conference, and four issues of the Newsletter each year. Members can often get first choice at plant sales and seed exchanges, purchase books and posters free of tax or shipping charges, discounted statewide conference registrations, and always have an awesome and friendly network of knowledgeable botanists, gardeners, naturalists and people like you.

Member Levels
Chapter Affiliation

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