The NPSNM has seven chapters widely scattered over New Mexico (and El Paso, Texas) that work locally to promote the objectives of the organization. Through various activities, the chapters educate the local population so they might better understand their regional flora. Chapters conduct regular field trips to explore native vegetation, in addition to inviting guest speakers to share their knowledge at regularly scheduled monthly meetings. Many chapters sponsor annual native plant sales, seed exchanges and workshops.

The state board of directors work with the local chapters to strengthen their programs and through a small grant program supports new publications, basic research and education for people of all ages. As part of an incorporated non-profit organization, each chapter has their own officers, manage their own finances, and select their own projects according to the special talents, knowledge and interests of local members.

When you join the NPSNM, you select a chapter affiliation and receive a newsletter from the chapter with announcements of meetings, field trips and other related events. You also receive the society’s Newsletter which is published quarterly. The Newsletter highlights chapter events, publishes original articles from knowledgeable  amateur and professional botanists and others with an interest in the flora of New Mexico.


The Albuquerque Chapter covers the Middle Rio Grande Basin.

El Paso (Texas)

The El Paso Chapter covers El Paso-Juarez, far west Texas and adjacent New Mexico.

Gila (Silver City)

The Gila Chapter is centered in Silver City and covers the mountain areas and Chihuahuan Desert regions of the southwestern part of the state.

Las Cruces

The Las Cruces Chapter covers the Chihuahuan Desert regions of the south central part of the state.

Otero (Alamogordo)

The Otero Chapter is centered in Alamogordo and covers the south central portion of the state.

Santa Fe

The Santa Fe Chapter covers the plains and southern Rocky Mountains of the north central and northeastern portions of the state.


The Taos Chapter covers the Rocky Mountains and Upper Rio Grande Basin of the north central portion of the state.