Welcome to the Statewide Organization Page

Because of current state restrictions to limit the spread of illness, all Native Plant Society chapter meetings and activities listed on the website and newsletter have been cancelled or postponed until further notice. Informal field trips that might be initiated by members at their own discretion are not sponsored or approved by NPSNM. The annual state conference is still planned for August 28-30 in Alamogordo, but registration will not be opened until the easing of restrictions by state government.

Board of Directors

President: Tom Stewart
Vice-President: Sue Small
Recording Secretary: Jane Kruse
Membership Secretary and Archivist: Barbara Fix
Treasurer: Anne Curley

Committee Chairs

Finance & Investments: Anne Curley
Poster Sales: Gary Runyan
Conservation: Rachel Jankowitz
NMDOT Liason: Steve Gisler
Newsletter Editor: Margaret Menache
Newsletter Mailing: Carolyn Gressitt
Website Editor: Mirinisa Stewart-Tengco

NPSNM Board Members taking a break at their winter meeting.


Bylaws of the Native Plant Society of New Mexico

NPSNM Policies in Effect approved August, 2019

Board Meeting Minutes


NPSNM Field Trip Rules updated August 2015

NPSNM Release from Liability—Individual updated August 2015

NPSNM Release from Liability—Group updated August 2015

The Native Plant Society of New Mexico is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization