Welcome to the Statewide Organization Page

With measures to limit the spread of Covid-19 in transition, in-person meetings are returning to some chapters, not others as yet. Check chapter pages on this site for coming events. Virtual meetings with interesting presentations were conducted for the last two years and are still being planned by some chapters. Field trips are ongoing, weather permitting, and are very popular. See chapter pages or scroll down our website homepage to access video recordings of memorable presentations.

An annual state conference is traditionally held in the summer, hosted by one of our chapters on a rotational basis. This year's conference was held in Albuquerque with the theme "A Land Ethic for Seven Generations." In 2023, the conference will be hosted by the El Paso chapter, most likely in early fall to beat the heat. Attendance will be more limited for this Chihuahuan Desert, Wild West Texas immersion event. Watch for details in the spring of 2023.

Board of Directors

President: Tom Stewart
Vice-President: Volunteer needed
Recording Secretary: Jane Kruse
Archivist: Barbara Fix
Treasurer: Anne Curley

Our biennial election of officers is underway, and volunteer candidates are being accepted for all offices. The President, Vice President, and Treasurer must be replaced this year for the organization to continue as it has. To nominate yourself or another member, please write to ask.npsnm [at] npsnm.org. Nominations must have at least 5 votes or endorsements by members to be considered. Thanks!

Committee Chairs

Finance & Investments: Anne Curley
Poster Sales: Gary Runyan
Conservation: Rachel Jankowitz
NMDOT Liason: Steve Gisler
Newsletter Editor: Margaret Menache
Newsletter Mailing List: John Freyermuth
Website Editor: Madeleine Woodward

NPSNM Board Members taking a break at their winter meeting. A summer and a winter board meeting is held each year.


Bylaws of the Native Plant Society of New Mexico

NPSNM Policies in Effect approved August, 2019

Board Meeting Minutes


NPSNM Field Trip Rules updated August 2015

NPSNM Release from Liability—Individual updated August 2015

NPSNM Release from Liability—Group updated August 2015

The Native Plant Society of New Mexico is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization