Welcome to the Albuquerque Chapter

Monthly chapter meetings begin at 7 PM on first Wednesdays (except December and August) and for the time being, meetings are "broadcast" online via the Zoom application. You are encouraged to enjoy them with us, and that can include your questions or comments.

A link to each meeting will be sent by email to all members who have furnished email addresses -- this is a security measure. If you are not a member, you may either view with a friend who is a member or send a request to program coordinator Jim McGrath at email address sedges"at"swcp.com. There is no charge to participants for using Zoom and no personal information need be provided.

Join the meeting between 6:50 (no earlier) and 7:00 pm, clicking "allow" for Zoom to start up, and finally "agree" when asked to join with computer audio, then wait to be admitted by the host. 

Because of current NM state restrictions to limit the spread of Covid-19, in-person NPSNM chapter meetings are not yet planned. Some chapters may schedule field trips with numbers limited according to health department guidelines, with appropriate personal distancing and wearing of face masks being mandatory when in close proximity even outdoors.

When in-person monthly chapter meetings eventually resume, they will be at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, 1801 Mountain Road NW in Albuquerque. All meetings and field trips are free and open to the public (unless otherwise noted).

We encourage everyone to continue getting outside for exercise, sunshine and native plant appreciation. Scroll down this page for plant lists and suggested nearby areas for nature hikes. Go out early on weekdays if possible as parks and trails are crowded on weekends. Maintain recommended distance from others while minimizing wear and tear on the terrain and vegetation by staying on the trail.or directions to the Natural History Museum.


  • President: Diane Stevenson
  • Vice President: Tom Stewart
  • Program Chair: Jim McGrath
  • Secretary: Dara Saville
  • Treasurer: Pam McBride
  • Outreach Tabling Coordinator: Volunteer needed!
  • Field Trip Coordinator: Carol Conoboy
  • Membership: Ann-Marie Yaroslaski
  • Newsletter Editor: Diane Stevenson
  • Representative to State Board: Judith Phillips

Core Volunteers

  • Books: Lee Regan
  • Communications: Gary Hoe
  • Conservation Committee Chair: Sue Small
  • Invasive Weeds Representative: Don Heinz
  • Publicity: Irene Wanner
  • Refreshments Coordinator: Penny Hoe
  • Habitat Gardening Information: Virginia Burris

Annual Reports

  • 2019 Chapter Report (PDF)
  • 2018 Chapter Report (PDF)
  • 2017 Chapter Report (PDF)
  • 2016 Chapter Report (PDF)
  • 2015 Chapter Report (PDF)


Click to download Albuquerque Chapter bylaws and policies in effect.

Albuquerque Area Plant Lists

Here are plants you might enjoy seeing on walks in our region, some within Albuquerque city limits. Of course, not all plants will be noticeable or in flower at any given time, depending on season and rainfall.

You might also try Elena Gallegos picnic area and trails in Simms Park the Albuquerque Volcanoes area. Always have a hat, sun protection and plenty of water.