What and who – – –

NM Plants is a discussion group, sometimes known as a listserve, for the purpose of fostering the exchange of information on the native plants of New Mexico and the Southwest.

The list welcomes topics relating to native plant ecology, identification, distribution, and propagation, in addition to native plant landscaping, habitat restoration and protection, legislation related to threatened and endangered species, noxious weeds and wildflower alerts.

The list is open to all individuals interested in native plant identification, ecology, the preservation of natural habitats and to those who support botanical research or favor the use of native plants for conservation of water, land, and wildlife.

List subscribers may advertise publications, conferences, and plant sales and other topics that relate to native plants. Advertising or posting messages unrelated to the list topics are not accepted.

How to subscribe to the list

  • To subscribe go to Google groups: click here. And then:
  • If you have a Google account of any kind, click the “Login” in the upper right corner, then go to My Groups and add nm-plants.
  • If you don’t have a Google account you will have to start one. However, you don’t necessarily need a gmail address.  Start a Google account using  your preferred email address, and follow instructions to join the group called nm-plants.

Communicating with the list

  • Once members are subscribed, to communicate with one another simply address messages to: nm-plants@googlegroups.com.

How to unsubscribe from the list

  • Each email has an unsubscribe link.  Simply click that.