Gila (Silver City)


President:  Elroy Limmer

Vice President and Program Chair: Bill Norris

Treasurer: Pam Bryant

Secretary: Jeff Boyd

Membership: Joan

Past President: Russ Kleinman

Communications: Charles Holmes

Publicity: Betty Spence

Field Trip Chair: Deming Gustafson

Social Chair: Liz Mikols

Chapter Representative: Keller Suberkropp

Education Committee Chair: Jeff Boyd

Conservation Chair: to be appointed

Scheduled Events 2016

All meetings and field trips are free and open to the public. Meetings are third Fridays from September to May at 7 p.m. at WNMU’s Harlan Hall, with refreshments following the program.

Field trips are conducted third Sundays from April to September; hikers meet at 8 a.m. in the south parking lot of WNMU Fine Arts Theatre for carpooling. Participants must sign a release-of-liability form and will receive a list of native plants in the hiking area.

Friday, January 20, meeting, featuring a program entitled “Botany at Western New Mexico University: Greenhouse, Herbarium and Landscape Projects in the 21st Century”, presented by Kristi Dunn, Nathan Martin, William Norris and Chala Werber. The program will conclude with a visit to the Dale A. Zimmerman Herbarium.

Friday, February 17, meeting, featuring a program on youth and the outdoors entitled “We Need a Bigger Boat”, presented by  Kathy Whiteman, Ph.D, Director of the WNMU Outdoor Program (

Friday, March 17, meeting, featuring a program entitled “Gila Region Food Plants: Recipes, Tasting, and Farming for Global Sustainability”, presented by Richard Felger, Gabriel Feldman and Chelsea Rittchen.

Friday, April 21, meeting, featuring a program entitled “Characteristics of Oklahoma’s Induced Earthquakes”, presented by Corrie Neighbors.

Friday, May 19, meeting, featuring a program entitled “STEM, Citizen Science and the Safford BLM Rare Plant Program: How a Two Year Community College Provides Critical Information and Support to BLM and USFWS”, presented by Dr. Joneen (Jony) Cockman, BLM Biologist.

The Gila Native Plant Society is committed to promoting education, research and appreciation of the native flora of the Southwest,  encouraging the preservation of rare and endangered plant species and  supporting the use of suitable native plants in landscaping.  For information on programs, publications and membership, please visit

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Gila Chapter Annual Report

2015 Chapter Report (PDF)

2014 Chapter Report (PDF)

2013 Chapter Report (PDF)

2012 Chapter Report (PDF)

2011 Chapter Report (PDF)

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