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 2016 Schedule for NPSNM – Taos Chapter

 ************************* GENERAL INFORMATION ************************

Meetings with invited speakers are held on the 3rd Wednesday of the months March, April, May, September, October, and November.  We meet in the boardroom at the Kit Carson Electric Cooperative (118 Cruz Alta Rd), 7:00pm to 8:30pm.  Our meetings are free and open to the public.  Please join us and bring your friends!

NOTE:  Our schedule is subject to change.   Please check this page or our Facebook page for updates. Questions? email us at TaosNPS@gmail.com or call 575-751-0511

******************** MEETINGS *******************

March 16  “Cotton Farming in New Mexico before Columbus” —  Glenna Dean, PhD, Abiquiu.  Myths about New World and Old World domesticated cotton are examined through the lenses of archaeological and botanical research and experimentation.

April 20   “Gardening for Caterpillars” — Steven J. Cary, Community Naturalist & Volunteer Coordinator Randall Davey Audubon Center & Wildlife Sanctuary, Santa Fe

May 18:  “What are Siberian Elms Doing in New Mexico?”– Ben Wright, ISA Certified Arborist and Taos Tree Board chair.

Sept. 21: TBA

Oct. 19: “New Conservation Programs for New Mexico’s Native Plants”  — Melanie Gisler, restoration ecologist and director for the new Southwest Program of the Institute for Applied Ecology (IAE), Santa Fe.

******************** MEETING VIDEOS *******************

The Digital Media Arts of UNM-Taos has been videotaping the speakers at the Taos chapter meetings since 2014.  These are available for viewing on the UNM-Taos YouTube channel.  Click here for a complete list: Video List Taos

******************** FIELD TRIPS *******************

April 30 Full DaySanta Fe nurseries.  Meet at 8:30am in the rear parking lot of the San Francisco de Asis church in Ranchos.  We’ll car pool to Santa Fe, first visiting Plants of the Southwest to look at the plants for sale.  They do not take credit cards so bring cash or a check. After lunch somewhere in SF we will visit Agua Fria nursery, then return to Taos mid-afternoon. Contact Jan Martenson 575-751-0511 or taosnps@gmail.com

May 21 Half Day: Trees of Taos, SMU / Ft. Burgwin.  Meet Dr. John Ubelaker at the Ft. Burgwin-SMU campus on Hwy. 518 at 8:30am. Drive into the first entrance and park by the library. Dr. Ubelaker will meet you there and lead an easy hike along the stream. Dominant and common plants of the Transition zone will be examined. This zone extends from about 6,000 to 8,000 feet and is characterized by several dominant plants and some invasive species. Native flowering plants encountered will be examined. Bring water, sunscreen, and a hat. Contact Dr. Ubelaker, ubelaker@mail.smu.edu; 214-726-5014.

June 18 Full day (about 5 hrs): Taos Canyon Hike.  Meet at the Divisidero/South boundary trailhead parking lot on Hwy 64 in Taos Canyon at 9am. From there we will carpool 13.3 miles up Taos Canyon to the Riparian Enhancement Project parking area below Palo Flechado Pass.  Beginning at 8750’ we will hike up a gradual (but sometimes rocky) slop through Ponderosa Pine forest before emerging into an expansive subalpine meadow environment at about 9500’(with lots of wildflowers).  Wear appropriate hiking gear, a hat, sunscreen, and bring a lunch and plenty of water. Round trip distance 3.5 miles.  Difficulty: moderate for average hikers, easy for advanced hikers. Contact: ubelaker@mail.smu.edu; 214-726-5014.

June (date TBD)  Half Day: Gardens in Progress Tour for MEMBERS.  Enjoy our yearly ‘Gardens in Progress’ tour.  Members will tour the gardens of NPSNM homes to learn how easy it is to integrate beautiful, low maintenance native plants into the landscape. At the end of the tour, share your favorite dish at a potluck lunch together at the last garden.

July 16  Full Day:  Pedernal/Ghost Ranch – a hike in the upper Sonoran zone. Meet at 8:00am at the San Francisco de Asis church in Ranchos, in the rear parking lot, to car pool to Pedernal. The hike will involve evaluation of the desert plants of this zone characterized by cactus, yucca, juniper and piñon pine, cactus, and yucca. The hike will allow evaluation of plants in a unique geological setting essentially covering the Mesozoic time period.  Following the hike we will drive to Ghost Ranch to tour the museum and eat lunch before returning to Taos.

This hike is not strenuous but has some small hills and valleys that we will cross; a walking stick is optional. Wear appropriate hiking gear, a hat, sunscreen, and bring a lunch and plenty of water.  Contact: ubelaker@mail.smu.edu; 214-726-5014.

Aug. 20  Full Day: Williams Lake – Reservation Required.  Meet at 8 AM at the KTAO parking lot to carpool to the hikers’ parking lot at the Williams Lake trailhead. We will walk two miles to Williams Lake and focus on sub-alpine and alpine plants, and eat lunch at the lake.

This is a moderate hike with an approximate altitude range from 10,100 feet to 11,100 feet. Wear appropriate hiking gear, sunscreen, and bring a lunch and plenty of water. Walking stick is optional.  An advance reservation is required. Contact: ubelaker@mail.smu.edu; 214-726-5014 to reserve or cancel your reservation.


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