JEMEZ SPRINGS, JULY 24-26; Valles Caldera Science and Education Center


The Sedge Family of plants (Cyperaceae) is represented in New Mexico by 15 genera and about 156 species. More than half the species are in the genus Carex, which is the largest plant genus in the state. Sedges occur in all but our driest ecological communities and are especially important in wetlands. As a group, sedges create some of the greatest challenges for identification. Their small flowers and fruits require very careful field and lab study to properly identify plants to species. In addition, they are also difficult to identify by vegetative characteristics alone.  This workshop will 1) provide an overview of the morphological terminology used in the Sedge Family, 2) distinguish the characteristics of the most common genera, then 3) focus upon species identification in the genus Carex by using keys on sample specimens in the lab and living plants in the field.

Workshop instructor is sedge expert Dr. Bill Norris, Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Western New Mexico University, who recently published a key to the genus Carex in Flora Neomexicana III (Allred and Ivey 2012) and coauthored a guide to the identification of sedges in the genus Carex (Iowa species).

This workshop wiil begin Wednesday afternoon to learn terminology and Cyperaceae genera. Thursday will be entirely lab exercises using keys to identify species in the genus Carex and all day Friday is a field trip to find and identify sedges in the beautiful Valles Caldera National Preserve.

Accommodations are provided by the Valles Caldera Science and Education Center in Jemez Springs facility, which has  25 bedrooms w/full baths; institutional dining hall and kitchen; 3 living room areas; large classroom and meeting room; teaching laboratory, and a quarter mile of the Jemez River on the property for private trout fishing.

Registration fee includes 2 nights lodging and 6 meals. Bedrooms have two single beds and can be single or double occupancy.

NPSNM Members: $225 double occupancy; $295 single occupancy

Nonmembers: $250 double; $320 single (includes 1 year NPSNM membership)

This workshop is now full. Please contact Bob to be added to a waiting list.


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