FOREST BOUND: A Window into Native Plants

The Native Plant Society, Institute for Applied Ecology, and the Forest Service are excited to present the following FREE SUMMER CURRICULUM. FOREST BOUND: A Window into Native Plants.

Are you, or do you know a high school student looking for something FUN and FREE to do this summer? Do you have an interest in being out in nature and learning about plants?

Funded by the National Forest Service, and in partnership with the Native Plant Society, the Institute for Applied Ecology is offering a four day Summer Program geared towards Santa Fe high school students, grades 9-12.

Come explore the Santa Fe National Forest and experiences hands-on lessons from our recently developed New Mexico Native Plant Curriculum. From measuring and monitoring plant populations, to fun interactive games, students will have the opportunity to gain familiarity with plants, and learn about potential career opportunities working within a natural setting.

You can view or download the Native Plant Curriculum here:

Project Botany – New Mexico

For more information, or to register e-mail your Name, School, and grade level as of 2017 to: