Albuquerque Field Trip: Seismosaurus Trail, Ojito Wilderness

The Albuquerque chapter is hosting a field trip on May 25 to the Seismosaurus Trail in the Ojito Wilderness, led by Lenore Goodall. Meet at 8:15 AM in Bernalillo at the northwest corner of the parking lot of the Home Depot northwest of town on 550.

We will probably make some quick stops along the way to look at some plants not on the mesa. The out and back trail of 2.4 miles is fairly easy walking on a mesa with expansive views and interesting and colorful rock formations. Although there are a few junipers and oaks there is very little shade. Typically, we may find a good many flowers usually including Asclepias involucrata, Evolvulus nuttallianus, Malacothrix fendleri, Polygala alba, Tetraneuris scaposa, Townsendia annua, Tradescantia occidentalis as well as various cacti. At the end of the trail there are some beautiful petroglyphs on the cliff edge. Bring lunch, plenty of water, hat, sunscreen, raingear. Return 1:30 p.m.

To get to the trailhead, starting at the Home Depot parking lot you would drive about 20 miles on 550 to Cabezon Road, then another 10 miles on Cabezon Road to the Seismosaurus Trailhead.