Albuquerque April Meeting: “Restoration along the Rio Grande through the Pueblo of Santa Ana”

The April 3 monthly meeting of the Albuquerque chapter will be a talk by Nathan Schroeder, “Restoration along the Rio Grande through the Pueblo of Santa Ana: The Natural and Unnatural Journey to the Present”.

Nathan Schroeder has served the Pueblo as the Restoration Division Manager for 11 years managing natural resources within the historic Rio Grande and Rio Jemez floodplain. He will briefly discuss Santa Ana’s history and the ecology of pre-dam rivers and the riparian vegetation in the middle Rio Grande river valley followed by a discussion of the changes humans have made to the land. Nathan will conclude by highlighting some completed ecological projects at Santa Ana intended to conserve some of the natural function and beauty of river and bosque.

Regular monthly chapter meetings are held on first Wednesdays at 7 PM and are held at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science in Albuquerque, 1801 Mountain Road NW. Free and open to the public.