Feb 20 Meeting: The Penstemon Gardens at the Los Alamos Nature Center

Larry Deaven is a retiree from the Los Alamos National Laboratory, where he did pioneering work on the Human Genome Project. His interests also include backyard plant breeding, which led him to begin a 30-year backyard plant breeding program with Clematis species and cultivars in 1975, and which expanded rapidly when he suggested that the Los Alamos Nature Center establish a garden devoted to the genus Penstemon. Since summer 2015, he has planted approximately 2,500 penstemons in several gardens at the Nature Center representing 120 species, subspecies or varieties, and 25 cultivars.

This talk will include some introductory material about penstemons, some observations on penstemon seed germination, and a brief description of some of the plants in the gardens with emphasis to New Mexico natives.

Location: Christ Lutheran Church in Santa Fe, NM