Field Trip to Red Canyon in the Manzanos

Leaders Doris Eng and George Miller.

This hike begins at Red Canyon Campground which is reached by turning south on Forest Road 253 at the southern edge of the small town of Manzano off N.M. 14. The trail follows alongside and crosses a small stream several times. We may make it to where the trail leaves the drainage at 1.71 miles onto a sloping plateau and just a little bit further to good views to the east, but we are usually so caught up with admiring wildflowers, that we rarely make it quite so far. In the past we have been dazzled by pine drops, Sandia alum root, birdbeak, harebell, Mexican hat, cut-leaf coneflower, dayflower, and rattlesnake orchid among many others.

We’ll probably be back late afternoon, so bring lunch, water, rain gear, sunscreen.

Meeting SE corner of Smith’s parking lot at Tramway and Central at 8:30 am.