Friday, April 15, 2022, 7:00 p.m. via Zoom – “The Ecology of Herbal Medicine ” Presented by Dara Saville

Join this discussion on some of our region’s most famous medicinal plants. We’ll explore iconic local landscapes, key medicinal plants from those places, and species responses to environmental change. We will also look at what we can learn about medicinal uses of these plants as they play healing and balancing roles in their ecosystems and in our bodies. Moving through these themes, we will discuss Juniperus monosperma (juniper), Sphaeralcea spp. (globemallow), Pedicularis spp. (lousewort/betony), and Populus deltoides wislizeni (cottonwood), all of which are featured species in Dara’s recently published book, The Ecology of Herbal Medicine.

Dara Saville is the founder of Albuquerque Herbalism, a long-standing bioregional herbal studies program.

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