Otero May Field Trip: Alamo Canyon Trail

The Otero (Alamogordo) Chapter will be conducting a field trip to the lower part of the Alamo Canyon Trail on May 18.

Carpoolers: meet in Alamogordo Walmart parking lot near the gas station. The Walmart is located at 233 S. New York Ave, just off of First Street.

We will not walk the whole trail up the mountain, rather we will explore the bottom end of it which begins close to the end of Scenic Drive in Alamogordo and discuss geological features and how they relate to plant types.

For field trip information, contact Elva Osterreich, echoofthedesert [at] gmail.com, 575/443-4408; or Jen Gruger, jengruger [at] gmail.com, 575/710-2924.