Saturday, July 23rd at 8 a.m. – Williams Lake Trail Walk

We will meet in the KTAO parking lot, near the Old Blinking Light, leaving at 8:00am. Williams Lake is a popular trail therefore an early start will make this a more enjoyable walk.

The trail begins in a parking lot above the Bavarian restaurant. Due to a high wind storm early this year there is a lot of tree fall on the trails in our area. The forest service has been slowly removing tree fall from trails and the Williams Lake trail is clear. You will see a lot of slash at the lower elevations but you will also see a lot of wildflowers such as Monk’s Hood, Whipple’s penstemon, King’s crown, lots of beautiful Columbine and many more.

We will divide the walk into two parts; the lower elevation has numerous flowers along a mountain stream and is an easy walk. After about a mile both the stream and flowers peter out. This would be a good turnaround point for those not interested in navigating the steeper ascent to Williams Lake.

For those who wish to continue, they will be rewarded with another burst of wildflowers in meadows surrounding the jewel-like glacial lake. The round-trip walk to Williams Lake is approximately four miles, with a 900’ elevation gain. It is considered moderate difficulty.  If you are unsure if you can hike at an altitude starting at 10,200’, going to 11,100’, then please opt to do the partial version of the hike or wait for our next wildflower walk.

Wear appropriate hiking gear, hat, sunscreen, and bring raincoat, snacks and plenty of water.  Hiking poles are optional. Carpooling (with masking) is encouraged.