Saturday, May 21st at 9 a.m. Field Trip: Walk in the Sand of the Rio Grande

Meet 9:00 am at the bike path parking lot north of the bridge on Calle del Norte, State Road 359, on the east side of the river, west of Mesilla.

We will see flowering willows, tamarisk, cottonwoods, false indigo, and milkweeds. The first cut in the bank to the riverbed is about 100 yards from the parking area and easy to negotiate. The sand is very soft, like a dry sandy arroyo. We will wander upstream perhaps 100 yards, then scramble out of the riverbed through a cut in the trees.  Next, we will follow the bike path past flowering trees to another cut in the bank back down to the dry riverbed.  Finally, we will come to an easy scramble up to where we should see false indigo, which may be flowering. There should be lots of butterflies, dragon- and damselflies, red wing blackbirds, and other birds. We could see egrets, cranes, phainopeplas, and waterfowl along the way. This is a slow-pace easy educational walk of less than 3 hours.

Participants must sign a release of liability and should remain with the group during the walk. Anyone leaving the walk should inform field trip leader(s). Dress appropriately for that morning’s weather conditions. Wear good walking shoes, a hat, and bring plenty of water, plus a light snack if desired. Children must be accompanied by parents.