Sunday, February 13th at 1:00 p.m. Field Trip: “Beginner’s Guide to Flora of La Cueva Trail – Winter Edition”

Meet at 1:00pm at Dripping Springs Visitors Center. Entry Fee or National Parks Senior Pass per car.

Approx., 1-mile slow paced walk.  Leader will identify easily seen/noticed plants in winter along the trail and explain plant features, i.e. their habitats, any uses to humans (if known), when they flower and fruit, and such things.

Attendees should not leave the group without informing the leader(s) of the field trip.  People will be required to sign a release from liability before joining the walk. No dogs or pets allowed as per National Monument rules for that trail.  Children must be accompanied by their parents.

Bring water, snacks, good walking shoes or boots. Time will be approximately two hours.