Transport and Fate of Plant-based and Man-made Chemicals in the Environment

In his talk, Dr. Sexton will discuss air and water pollution, the uptake of pollutants by plants, and the negative effects on the insects that eat them. He will address a key question: If many different insects are experimentally documented as dying from eating the plants, might bees also be affected? He will discuss his personal interests and their relationship with the results of his studies and will suggest questions and discussions concerning decisions facing the people of New Mexico.


Kenneth G. Sexton, PhD, is a retired Research Assistant Professor from the Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering of the University of North Carolina. Dr. Sexton’s career has centered on studying the atmospheric chemistry of urban systems of nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons and on understanding the reactive chemistry producing ozone and other photochemical products, using smog chambers.

In the last 12 years, he has focused on developing and demonstrating new technological systems to interface smog chambers and in-vitro toxicological exposure systems in order to evaluate the potential effects of pollutants on health.