Wednesday, April 14th, 7 p.m.: Zoom Presentation with James Von Loh

Join James Von Loh, retired field biologist and vegetation mapping specialist, for his talk, Local Spring and Summer Floristic Digital Images and Discussion, Featuring Flowering Cacti, Associated Wildflowers, and Selected Pollinators.”

Local habitats are floristically rich in terms of plant species diversity and in diversity of flower foraging insects, some of which are potential pollinators. This presentation will show colorful and iconic flowering cacti in progressive spring and early summer themes, and these images will be accompanied by selected, associated wildflowers and insect flower visitors.

Join the meeting at 6:50 pm or later on April 14 by using the link   Click “Allow” and OK when asked if you want Zoom to open on your computer and to start computer audio. You will be in a virtual waiting room until the host admits everyone who is waiting. Please try to join by 7:10 pm for the shortest waiting time.