Wednesday, May 11 at 7 p.m. via Zoom: “Tips to Identify a Grass” with Dr. Sara Fuentes-Soriano

Dr. Sara Fuentes-Soriano, NMSU Assistant Professor, Herbarium Director and Curator of NMC and NMCR Herbaria will present “Tips to Identify A Grass.”  Free. Zoom link will be emailed to members. Non-members email for Zoom link.

Dr. Fuentes-Soriano’s primary responsibility is to guarantee the future safety and accessibility of the 120,000 plant herbarium specimens.  This unique biodiversity collection is the oldest in the State, started by Professor E. O. Wooton in the late 1880s.  Dr. Fuentes-Soriano conducts systematics and taxonomic research; manages, promotes and improves the herbarium; teaches plant science; promotes outreach activities throughout the year; and offers plant identification services to the public.