Advancing Riparian Restoration in the West

Despite our name, Tamarisk Coalition’s 12th Annual Conference: Advancing Riparian Restoration in the West, is not just about tamarisk…
Come learn about the latest advancements; from riparian restoration case studies, success stories, regional riparian management initiatives and challenges of funding, planning, and implementing riparian restoration, to exploring novel tools, techniques, and research.
We are now accepting abstracts for both oral presentations and posters discussing case studies, lessons learned, research, practical applications, and related projects.  Abstracts must be submitted no later than October 1, 2014.  
Examples of potential topics include:
  • Restoration:
    • Applied restoration
    • Restoring for wildlife
      • Endangered species considerations
    • Restoration on Tribal Lands
    • Cultural, recreational, or economic benefits of restoration
    • Constraints to restoration (water availability, etc.)
    • Re-vegetation techniques
    • Trends in grazing management
  • Secondary weed control
  • Herbicide use and technology
    • Latest updates and herbicide alternative case studies
  • Biological control
  • Biomass utilization
  • Phreatophytes/water use
  • Monitoring (process, funding, etc.)
  • Geomorphology
  • Sustainable funding case studies (1% programs, etc.)
  • Collaboration
  • Conservation corps programs or projects (internships, veterans, Americorps projects, etc.)
  • Volunteer and/or citizen science programs
  • Traditional Ecological Knowledge –TEK
  • Social/political related updates and projects
  • Unique riparian events & projects from around the West
More information can be found on our website: