Why Grow Natives?

On Wednesday, March 23 at 6:30 pm, the Santa Fe Chapter of the Native Plant Society of New Mexico will present a free talk by Bob Pennington, owner of Agua Fria Nursery, entitled: “Why Grow Natives?”

Bob and and his wife,Jeni, were in the very first class of New Mexico Certified Nursery Professionals.  Bob teaches classes regularly through the SFCC Continuing Education Department.  He was president of the American Penstemon Society, a founding member and past board member of the Santa Fe Botanical Garden, a founding member and current board member of the Eriogonum Society, current co-chair of the New Mexico Chapter of the Colorado Nursery Green-house Association, and instructor for the New Mexico Nursery Professional Certification program.  Besides still working at Agua Fria Nursery, Bob is Co-Host of Bob’s Botanical Garden Radio show, every  Saturday on KTRC,1260 am 8-9 am

The meeting will be held at Christ Lutheran Church, @ 1701 Arroyo Chamiso which is located in the triangle of Old Pecos Trail, St Michael’s Drive and Arroyo Chamiso. It is directly across the street from Fire Station #4. Meetings and talks are free and open to all.