Sunflower Scholarships to Our Native Plants Conference

Students, Degree Candidates & Interns -- Share With Us Your Projects and Discoveries! Apply by July 1, 2022.

The Native Plant Society Sunflower Scholarship is designed for college undergrads, grad students and agency interns who are doing work within their institution and/or their communities pertaining to Native Plants.  The scholarship program intends to make the conference more accessible to a broader  demographic, providing a participatory position that is more mutually enriching than that of a regular attendee.

Up to six scholarships will be awarded this year, and additional scholarships may be available from the chapter that is sponsoring the conference.

The 2022 Sunflower Scholarship is a full-ride scholarship to the NPS conference in Albuquerque, August 5-7 (last day, Sunday, is for field trips only), and covers the cost of registration, field trips, lunches, reception and the banquet. It also includes a $150 stipend that could help with transportation or lodging.


  • Applicant must be a current college/university student, an intern with a government organization, or an intern or assistant with a nonprofit group involved in conservation or related fields. The application must be approved by an appropriate instructor, professor or supervisor.
  • If selected for a scholarship, the applicant agrees to present an illustrated poster displaying a project they are involved in that pertains to native plants or their habitats, conservation, genetics, interactions, adaptations, etc.. This poster presentation may be cited in your CV or resumé.
  • Please submit your application by July 1. A project or study does not need to be concluded. Presentation of a need, a plan, background information and work in progress can be very interesting and educational.